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All about Positive Accountants…

We’re often asked about what makes us different. For a start we are positive people, we look for the upside, the wins, the ways to help and get the right results for you. 

Because, it’s not about what we do, it’s about HOW well we do it for you.

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Friendly, personal, professional. As well as our positive outlook, we prize honesty, respect and openness. All our team are ambassadors for our culture and if you like the sound of that we want to work with you.

Our first meeting is always free. We want you to get the chance to see if we will be the right fit for you. We, in turn, can start to understand how we can best support you and, of course, you are under no obligation to join us.

Fixed Fees for peace of mind. After our first meeting, we will quote you a fixed fee based upon the services we agree and no more. Honesty and complete transparency mean value and peace of mind on both sides.

Phone calls are always free. You won’t pay for a phone call conversation with us and, by the way, we like to catch up. This way we can pick up problems and keep abreast of any new developments or changes in your circumstances.

Business advice, wealth management packages. A big idea, a new product, family wealth decisions – whatever you need we’re well connected and part of a trusted network of specialists who can support you at any time.

We WANT you to win

We’re very good at what we do, but that means nothing if you are not benefiting. We’re here to support you and want to be part of your success.

Finally, we’re all a long time working, so we like to make it enjoyable. We never want you to feel anxious about contacting us – we’re the good guys and we’re here to help.


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Achieve greater growth and lasting change for your business with Positive Plus.

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Specialist Divorce accountants we focus on the financial facts for cost effective results.