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Business Development – Positive Plus Programme

Developing the true potential of your business can be an exciting yet daunting prospect. Going it alone, can waste as much time as money and the harsh reality that, but for those little miscalculations (or bigger screw ups) you would have had the business you dreamed of. 

The meeting of minds and the making of your business…

Business development with Positive Plus offers you a way to help unleash your ambition and drive to ensure you realise your potential and create the businesses and lifestyle you’re looking for.

 Take the right action at the right time.

A highly experienced business mentor, Positive Accountants’ founder and MD Andy Lock works hand in glove with entrepreneurs and business owners to create high growth, profitable and sustainable organisations.

Andy will help you to fast track the good ideas and avoid the pitfalls; support you where you lack know-how and help you create a practical and effective strategy for sustainable business growth.

“It is difficult to describe the amount of confidence I feel from this hero of the numbers … he never chides, nor does he lecture. He is enthusiastic and I have learnt more about my books in the time I have dealt with Andy that I have over the last sixteen years I have been in business.” Jeremy Powell, Ryedale Entertainment

“Andy empowered me to break through the glass ceiling I had created, and I have never looked back!”Rachel Wilson
Get to grips with your toughest business opponent and …

Talk to Andy about the business you want, contact us today.

“My income has increased significantly two years on the trot with a business plan indicating further significant growth over the next five years.”

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Achieve greater growth and lasting change for your business with Positive Plus.

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Specialist Divorce accountants we focus on the financial facts for cost effective results.