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“Andy is extremely helpful and he has produced a number of money-saving initiatives…”John Charters-Reid
Lonely, exciting, scary, fun, hard, bewildering, enjoyable, exhausting, challenging, exacting, alarming, freeing, frustrating, enabling, infuriating, overwhelming

Who’s in the driving seat?

Running a business, whatever sector or industry, means we will face a combination of these emotions, sometimes all in one day! They form part of our working lives and, all too often, creep into our home lives too.

What we believe can often be the reason we don’t succeed
As an accountant, 90% of my business is centred upon compliance; ensuring that your figures and paperwork are a true and honest representation of your business finances but we both know that’s not 100% your business.

Figures are not the full story
Your business is based on your expertise, your creativity, your experience, your ability and importantly your customers. Without that combination you wouldn’t have a business and I would be out of a job too.

Yet, knowing all about your figures means that I can also deliver something else that you rarely, if ever, find in an accountant’s tool box. And, you won’t find the answer on your balance sheet.

A reliable route to practical, measurable growth

I’m talking about a process to unlock greater sustainable growth and profit and it’s something I’ve been working on highly successfully with my clients for many years.

You may be surprised to discover that change is initially NOT achieved by learning more and more new stuff, it’s about our own beliefs and perceptions.

Read our blog on how we make perception and decision making: ‘How to Beat Your Toughest Business Opponent’

Your toughest opponent is the one inside your own head…

My role is to help you change your business for the better. Together we can.

Through our Positive Plus support, let us help you unlock lasting business change and greater growth.

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