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Andy Lock

“I’ll be delighted to talk to you about what you want …  Out of life, out of business – for yourself and your family, and I can help you make the right financial choices to achieve it.

“I love numbers, always have done, yet, I know that’s not the same for everyone, we’ve all got specialisms and expertise and numbers are mine. I am also a big believer in following our dreams and aspirations; how our mindset can affect, not just what, but how we do something. And how that has a tangible effect on our success.

“My role is to ensure that you get the most benefit from the money you generate or receive with cast iron compliance, sound advice and well informed strategies. Talk to me about where you want to be financially and I’ll help you get there.

“Finally, if you’ve been wondering lately, ‘Why not? Why not me? Why not now?’, my answer is, ‘No reason whatsoever.’ Visit my Positive Plus page for more information on business mentoring.”

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Anne Brown

“I’m the Payroll Team Leader. I have two members of staff assisting me and over 30 years’ payroll experience.

“I can support you with processing your payroll from start to finish. This may include setting up a PAYE scheme, calculating payroll, producing payslips and other relevant reports, together with submitting in Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC, issuing and submitting P60’s, P11d’s and administering pensions, including auto enrolment.

“Outside work I enjoy keeping fit, socialising, reading and travelling. I also enjoy getting out and about on the back of my husband’s motorbike – I’m not as brave as my colleague Jane who rides her own!”

Kelly Garrett
Office Manager

“I can tell you about the progress of your accounts, VAT or tax returns. I also deal with invoicing, billing and more general enquiries.

“If you would like to check in with me before we begin work on your accounts I can tell you what to send us. I’ve also got all the statutory accounting dates and submission deadlines committed to memory!

“I am also here for setting up limited companies, and maintaining bookkeeping records and for any invoicing issues.

“Out of the office I love walking in the Lakes, travelling with my family and trampoline fitness – there’s nothing quite like it…”

Jane Bailey
Tax Assistant

“We could be speaking about anything tax or payroll related, as I can answer questions on your personal tax returns, how different types of income are dealt with and the type of tax it may be subject to.

“I also can advise you on tax saving strategies, payroll procedures and compliance.

“Released from the office I am a personal trainer and freelance bookkeeper. Sunny days see me out on my motorbike and I am always up for trying something new.”

Dawn McNicol

“If you’re looking for a complete and comprehensive bookkeeping service then I will be working with you.

“Working on a full, daily or partial basis I can come and visit you to help ensure that your records are regular and accurate and support you with your monthly accounts and VAT returns.

“You are very welcome to ask me about any bookkeeping query, including record keeping, allowances, calculating average hours, holidays and salaries, plus  payroll and the installation, training and use of SAGE software.

“Outside working hours I am very involved with my church, love gardening, renovating and the countryside.”

Stephen Carter
Limited Companies

“You may well be talking to me about your limited company and all the required tax and compliance issues.

“I’ll be delighted to tackle your queries and concerns – I’ve been doing my job for a long time and there’s not much I haven’t seen (or heard). So, whether it’s personal or business tax, accounts, VAT or allowances, if I don’t know the answer I’ll know someone who does.

“When not behind my desk I’m sailing, walking and attempting loads of other outdoor activities.”

Cleonagh Murphy

“I am the first person you speak to when you call and, always ready with a welcoming cuppa, will greet you when you visit us.

“My job is also to keep on top of our in-house administration,  which includes sending out company letters and invoices. I’ll be sending you your VAT reminder, so that you don’t miss any deadlines and I’ll be returning all your books and papers to you once we have completed your VAT returns and/or accounts. Hopefully, you won’t be hearing from me about your outstanding bill!

“My young family keep me very busy and fit together with trampolining, Zumba and Irish dancing.”


Chris Whitmore
Client Accounts Manager

“If you need support with SAGE, bookkeeping, VAT and management accounts then you’ll be seeing me.

“Rarely in the office, I’m mostly out and about, spending time with clients and helping to keep accounts accurate and compliant. I believe that a business without good accounting is like trying to climb a mountain without a map – it’s only luck that will get you home safely.

“Outside work you will find me in the mountains, either climbing or mountain biking, or at the gym keeping fit enough to go back again!”


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