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How to Beat Your Toughest Business Opponent


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How to Beat Your Toughest Business Opponent

You have many competitors when you are in business but the one that presents you with the biggest headache can often be the one inside your own head.

As business owners and managers we are faced with a daily array of choices, some more mundane that others, but all the decisions about ourselves, our clients, our marketing and market are based on our own past experience and future fears – what we know and, just as importantly, what we feel.

“Fear is the faith that it won’t work out…”

How we feel about things, our emotional reaction, has a fundamental and pivotal role in our decision-making. It’s literally at the heart of everything we do. We can’t help it we’re human.

If it were possible to look inside your mind you would find that it is made up of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part is open to everything that we encounter and is bombarded on a daily basis. It filters all that information and passes what it believes to be important on to the subconscious. Unfortunately, the subconscious doesn’t filter anything, it can only follow the rules, habits and beliefs that we have put in place over many years, anything different it rejects. 

And this gives us a challenge. Our decisions are based, despite what we may think, on how we feel at that moment along with the experiences that have shaped our lives to date. We may be presented with facts, we may take into account others’ views, but how we choose to interpret those will always be within the frame of our own beliefs and fears and these will determine the decisions we make.

For example, think of the recent course or event you went on where someone promised to double or triple your profits. You probably left the venue buzzing, your emotions on a high! But, over the next day or so that enthusiasm drops off and before you know it, it’s back to normality, there was no way you could really double your profits… Was there? That’s your beliefs and your sub-conscious kicking in.

Understanding ourselves a little better can mean we make better decisions for our business. Knowing how we react, what makes us anxious or complaisant, can materially impact our success.

Getting to grips with our perception of ‘business’, of new ideas and even risk itself means we can break with bad habits and choose to do things differently. We can make more confident choices and think more strategically. With the right business support and mindset we can change and, in doing so, we can prosper.

It’s never too soon to become the person we want to be, or run the business we always dreamed of.

If you are asking yourself:

“Why not?”
“Why not me?
“Why not now?”
The answer is “no reason whatsoever”, so, talk to me and let’s change your business for the better.

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